Preparing to Celebrate an Archangel

This video has been made at the celebration of the Archangel Ouriel but now we are celebrating the Archangel Michaël.

Listen to that video for knowing how to be prepared for the Celebration of the Archangel Michaël

To celebrate an Archangel, one must develop a particular attitude and state of being.
First of all, one must learn to settle down and calm down inside. The best way to do this is to learn to meditate.

Then, one must develop an attitude of respect and humility. The divine world is perfection and we humans are imperfect. That is why to approach the divine world in a just way, we must be humble, respectful and awaken a sense of the sacred.

The sense of the sacred is a natural sense that has been atrophied. However, it is through this sense that we can perceive the magic and enchantment of nature and that we can perceive that behind nature, the sky, the stars, the universe… lies an unfathomable mystery that can only be approached through a sense of the sacred and devotion.

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