The magic of the Round of Archangels

The Round of Archangels is the cycle of the 4 seasons. Behind these cosmic cycles of the seasons there are divine intelligences. If the universe is such a perfect creation, if the movement of the planets and stars is a harmony, it is because the universe was created by a higher divine intelligence.

The ancients called this intelligence God, the Creator, the Father, the Source, the Life…

All these names designate one and the same reality: that of a divine superior intelligence that created everything and placed everywhere a perfect order and harmony.

The Earth is governed by these cosmic cycles through the 4 seasons that punctuate the year.

Since the dawn of time, the Essenes celebrate the divine Intelligences that manifest themselves through the 4 seasons. This is called the Round of Archangels.
This is what we are going to celebrate together from September 30 to October 4. We will celebrate the summer which is the manifestation of the Archangel Michaël.

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