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Message from Archangel Gabriel: Setting the First Milestones
of the Living Priesthood

For many years the Essenes have been educated by the words of Angels, Archangels, God and many other beings of Light, they receive the great teaching of
the Essene tradition, they have been entrusted with the wisdom of the higher
worlds in order to transmit it to humanity.


Message from Archangel Gabriel: The Family Connection Is One of the
Most Important Things on Earth

Since the celebration of Archangel Michael, the Essenes have been engaged in a
process of awakening and self-observation in order to discern the worlds that are
active inside them.



Message from the Angel of Expiation The Question You Need to Ask
Yourselves Is:
“Do I Really Want to Change?

During the celebration of Archangel Uriel 2020, a path began to reveal itself and
map itself out in the Essene Nation and it really opened during the celebration of
Archangel Michael.


I Want to Be the Water of Life that
Flows Between You
Message from Archangel Gabriel

For many years, the Essenes practice a sacred ritual in which they say these words
received from Archangel Gabriel: “May the water of pure life always flow between
us.” At the heart of Gabriel’s teachings is the question of this water-Light that
needs to flow in all relationships, in all connections.



Message from Archangel Gabriel: Liberate the Worlds By Liberating
Your Eyes,
Your Stomach and Your Head

Archangel Gabriel’s wish is: “Be a mother to others.” As his celebration approaches, the great God of water deepens the meaning of his words, which he
transmitted many years before and he guides the Essenes towards the right path of
pure relations in as well as around them.



Message of the Spirit of the Expiation Rites
from Gabriel to Raphael
Find Your Destiny Again,
the One of Your Soul Before

During the celebration of Archangel Gabriel, the Essenes truly entered into a
process of inner transformation in a very concrete way. This work began with the
practice of the ritual of forgiveness of of enses during the previous 3 months, but
this phase was more of a preparation, an inner observation of the influences that
animate their lives.


Concluding Message from the Angel of the Master: Be Bound Together in Union, Trust, Honesty and Family.

Just as I did when my son was on Earth, I will address you directly because the intelligence that has guided the Essene Nation remains the same. It is a victory to show everyone that you are capable of maintaining what has been transmitted and given to you by higher worlds. You can be proud because you are faithful.


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