Universal round of Archangels of Michael

From September 30 to October 4

In a few days, we enter into the celebration of the Universal Archangelic Round. This celebration will be a unique moment in your life. Celebrating the seasons is the Essene way of life. In the distant past, this way of life was known to all the peoples of the Earth.

One of the missions of the Essene Nation is to revive this art of living in consciousness with the cycles of the universe and life that are the manifestation of God. These next few days, we will celebrate summer and the great Archangel Ouriel who is the guardian of the mysteries of the Earth.

In order to prepare yourself well for the celebration of the Universal Archangel Round, you will need a minimum amount of material. If you have already participated in an Archangel Round, you will need to have the Cult of Light curtain and the Essene Bible. If you do not have them, I advise you to get them before the beginning of the celebration to have them on D-Day.

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