What is essenia platform ?

The essenia website regroups all the teachings of the Essene Nation.

You can find there the Essene library, Essenia tv, the Essene Academy and also the Universal Round of Archangels.

What do I have access to with premium subscription?

In the premium package you have access to all the books, Essene manuscripts, the Essene Bible, lectures, courses from the Essene Academy and participation in the Universal Round of Archangels.

All of our original texts are in French. We are gradually translating all the documents we have. So every month we add new content.

The Essene teaching is very rich (several thousand books documents, manuscripts, lectures) to translate this abundance of text quickly we use the machine translation of DeepL.

Then these texts are revised to be faithful to the original language.

If you wish to participate in the translation and proofreading team you can contact us at this address: contact@esseniens.org

What do I have access to with a free account?

With a free subscription we offer books, sacred texts, lectures and access to the first level of the Essene Academy.

This way you can discover the Essene teaching for free and if you wish to support us and have access to the whole of our teaching you can subscribe to the premium plan.