The Essenes have not forgotten the origin of writing. Their Tradition tells us that their founding Father, Enoch, was the first to write magical signs on the earth allowing communication with the worlds of the spirits and the genies, even with the Angels, the Archangels and the Gods, which is much rarer.
For the Essenes, writing is essentially a sacred and magical art thanks to which man can not only write on a sheet of paper, but also in the more subtle spheres of his being, until reaching his immortal soul.
Through the methods of magical calligraphy, the initiated Essene can write on the white pages of the book of his life. It is not about an abstract and symbolic image of the world, for the Essenes are above all practitioners. For this, they have at their disposal several “magical books,” each destined for a special use, according to a given method that you will find in this book.


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